EH-LS10500 Laser Projector – Free Installation

See it in our Berkshire demo room.

EH-LS10500 laser projector

When you order you EH-LS10500 laser projector from us we install it for you at no additional cost. We also include a long HDMI cable and our own ultra low profile  ceiling mount (or a different mount as required).

Main Features
LS-10500 Promo Videos and reviews

eh-ls10500 laser projector

The Epson EH-LS10500 Laser Projector with free home installation by UK Home Cinemas.

See it perform in our Berkshire demo room (please call to arrange your visit).

Bring a state-of-the-art movie theatre experience to your home with Epson’s groundbreaking EH-LS10500 laser projector. Featuring revolutionary 3LCD Reflective laser projection technology, this high-definition projector delivers phenomenal image quality and colour brightness that elevates any screening to an enthralling cinematic experience. Combining 3LCD Reflective panels and a dual laser light source, the EH-LS10500 laser projector delivers the blackest blacks and bright, true-to-life colours with one of the widest colour gamuts in the industry. With 4K Enhancement Technology all of the subtleties that the filmmakers originally captured suddenly become visible in beautiful, crisp clarity. We have noticed that the quality of the optics on the EH-LS10500 laser projector exceeds that of some of it’s competitors, including some at a higher price point. This makes it possible to achieve a particularly crisp sharp image and it’s easy to find the correct point when adjusting the optical focus. The EH-LS10500 laser projector achieves outstandingly dark black levels.

eh-ls10500 laser projector connections


The EH-LS10500 laser projector features a dual laser light source. The laser engine’s long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours provides virtually worry-free operation. And, there’s no waiting for the projector to warm-up or cool down — the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately. High-speed contrast control ensures both bright and dark scenes look their best. if you order your EH-LS10500 projector from UK Home cinemas We include our home installation service. Home installation of the EH-LS10500 laser projector includes detailed technical planning and consultation in advance, supply and delivery of a top quality ceiling or a wall mount, and up to 8 Metre HDMI 2 cable. Other requirements can be accommodated, for example if you ask us in advance to supply and install a screen on the same day as the projector, the screen installation work can be done at no extra cost. Please let us know how we can help.

Main Features

Main features for the Epson EH-LS10500 Laser projector with installation – bundle.

Laser projector with 4K enhancement
Delivering the ultimate in picture quality

Bright colours
Equally high White and Colour Light Output

Full HD
1080p with 2D to 3D conversion

Wide lens shift range
Powered zoom lens and several aspect ratios

Long-life light source
30,000 hours in Eco mode

Outstanding 3D performance and 3D Galsses included
2 pairs of bluetooth triggered glasses are included with the projector

Main features of included projector installation by UK Home Cinemas

  • Installation for this projector includes up to 8M HDMI 2 cable.
  • UK home cinemas will deliver and install a premium quality wall or ceiling mount (type to be agreed with client in advance) – Includes our ultra low profile mount for the EH-LS10500 laser projector
  • UK home cinemas will deliver and install the projector.
  • UK Home cinemas will recommend (in advance), screen sizes and models.
  • Screen installation available on the same day – no extra installation cost.
  • Other requirements can be accommodated, please let us know how we can help.
  • The Epson optional accessories for this projector are available from UK Home Cinemas.


  • Projection System

    3LCD Reflective, 3-chip technology Poly-silicon TFT active matrix
  • LCD Panel

    0.74 inch with Reflective HTPS
  • Colour Light Output

    1,500 lumen In accordance with IDMS15.4
  • White Light Output

    1,500 lumen
  • Resolution

    Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio

    Absolute black
  • Keystone Correction

    Manual vertical: ± 30°
  • Colour Reproduction

    Upto 1.07 billion colours
  • High Definition

    4K enhancement
  • Aspect Ratio

  • Laser Light source

    41.9 mW 17,000 Hours Durability High, 26,000 Hours Durability Medium, 30,000 Hours Durability Eco
  • Colour Processing

    10 Bits
  • 2D/3D Frequency Image

    240 Hz / 480 Hz
  • 2D Vertical Refresh Rate

    192 Hz – 240 Hz
  • 3D Vertical Refresh Rate

    400 Hz – 480 Hz
  • Projection Ratio

    1.28 – 2.73:1
  • Zoom

    Motorized, Factor: 1 – 2.1
  • Lens Shift

    Motorized – Vertical ± 90%, horizontal ± 40%
  • Lens position memory

    10 positions
  • Projection Size

    30 inches – 300 inches
  • Projection Distance Wide/Tele

    2.83m – 6.04m (100 inch screen)
  • Focal Distance

    21.3mm – 44.7mm
  • Focus

  • Projection Lens Zoom Ratio

    1 – 2.1:1
  • Lens

  • Projection Lens F Number

    2.5 – 3.7
  • Interfaces

    VGA in, USB 2.0 Type Mini-B, RS-232C, Ethernet interface (100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T), Trigger out (2x), HDMI 1.4, Composite in, HDMI (HDCP 2.2), HDMI in (2x), Component in
  • Epson iProjection App

  • 3D

  • Warranty

    36 months Carry in


Assumptions for Epson EH-LS10500 Laser Projector with installation – bundle

  • Any structural work to the building is complete before any installations take place
  • Our engineering team have access to the site during normal working hours.
  • Mains power is provided in all locations required for the equipment
  • UK Home Cinemas can provide building services but these are not included in our projector installation bundles.
  • supply and fixing of a singe HDMI Cable of up to 8 Metres in rounded mini trunking (if required) is included.
  • Longer or buried signal cables can be installed by separate prior arrangement depending upon the complexity.

LS-10500 Promo Videos and reviews

Epson EH-LS10500 Laser Projector – Features Video Clip


The Epson EH-LS10500 laser projector with bracket, 8 metre HDMI 2 cable, delivery & all day specialist installation is £5999 including VAT.

Competitive packages are available for projection screens , AV receivers , speakers etc when ordered with a projector and installation. Please call to discuss your exact requirements.