JVC DLA-X700 Projector With Installation

4K with outstanding contrast ratio



The JVC-DLA-X700 Projector with installation by UK Home Cinemas.

Available in either black or white cabinet colour, the JVC DLA-X700R projector uses three sixth generation JVC D-ILA imaging devices. This new device features a pixel gap that’s 40 percent narrower than the previous chip for a smoother picture, a 10 percent improvement in light efficiency for a light output of 1,300 lumens, and improved native contrast, which is also enhanced by a new, third generation wire grid optical engine. As a result, native contrast ratio for the DLA-X700R is 120,000:1. To further boost contrast, JVC has developed a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture. When engaged, JVC’s Intelligent Lens Aperture produces deeper black levels while maintaining white levels superior to what’s delivered by competing projectors using a dynamic iris. As a result, the projector achieves a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1.  JVC’s 4K e-shift technology was first developed to up convert and scale 2D HD content to 4K. With a 4K input, this projector can now process 4K signals as well, to deliver a smooth, detailed image. Picture performance is further optimized by a new Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) processor with eight-band detection. The MPC processor offers four presets plus an Auto setting that automatically selects the best upconversion process by detecting the refresh frequency of each pixel. Picture quality is also enhanced through a new Clear Black feature that provides local area contrast enhancement, and improved Clear Motion Drive (CMD 3). CMD 3 uses a new LSI and new algorithm to deliver a significant improvement in motion artifacts on diagonal lines on 4K and 2K 2D content and 2K 3D content.  The DLA-X700 has THX 3D display certification and has an ISF C3 mode.

Other new enhancements on this model are: Two memory settings for pixel convergence that can be used to store correction settings for external lenses, a new smartphone app that provides remote control of the projector, including picture settings.

Key features carried over from the 2013 line include: compatibility with RF active shutter glasses for 3D viewing rather than IR technology to offer more stable synchronization and extended range while avoiding possible interference with IR-controlled devices. Five Lens memory settings, these store custom focus, zoom and horizontal/vertical lens shift position. This allows a constant height display of 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1 or any other scope content without an additional anamorphic lens. also available with optional 3D kit , please ask for details.

We will bundle the JVC DLA-X700R Projector with installation which includes ,delivery, a ceiling or a wall mounting bracket, and up to 5 Metre HDMI cable (upgradeable to a longer cable). Other requirements can be accommodated please let us know how we can help.


Main features for the JVC DLA-X700 projector with installation – bundle.

  • 4K Projection (3840 x 2160 pixels) achieved with optical engine featuring e-shift 3 Technology with Multiple Pixel Control image processor and MPC analyser
  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1 (max.) and Native contrast ratio of 120,000:1 achieved with original D-ILA device and an optical engine equippped with new wire grid
  • Brightness of 1300 lumens
  • Improved 3D viewing with reduced crosstalk made possible by D-ILA’s original Frame Addressing driver technology
  • An array of 3D picture adjustment functions: 2D-3D conversion, Crosstalk Cancelling, Disparity Adjustment, and Depth Adjustment
  • Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: RF (radio frequency) system transmission with PK-AG3 3D Glasses for 100H continuous operation and PK-EM2 3D Synchro Emitter
  • Real Colour Imaging Technology allows combined use of picture modes and dedicated colour profiles in 23 different ways to enjoy images.
  • Xenon lamp colour temperature
  • Colour Management System with 7-axis Matrix
  • Clear Motion Drive 3 improves pictures with rapid movement for both 4K and 3D images
  • Picture Adjustment function allows user to precisely correct colour deviation in 1/16-pixel increments; also segments the screen into 121 points for individual adjustment. Two customized settings can be stored in the memory.
  • Environmental Setting automatically adjusts images to best match the environment
  • Screen Adjustment Mode: 106 modes (Up to 255 modes)
  • Intelligent Lens Aperture
  • Lens Memory function (10 memories)
  • Digital Keystone in 2D mode (vertical direction)
  • THX 3D Display Certification and ISF C3 mode
  • Projector can easily be controlled from a smartphone or tablet
  • New 6th generation 0.7″ Full HD D-ILA devices x 3
  • 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) achieved with e-shift 3 Technology including Multiple Pixel Control image processor
  • 4K signal input (50p/60p compatible with 4:2:0 colour base)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (in 2D); 1920 x 1080 (in 3D)
  • NSH 230W
  • Connectors: HDMI x 2 (3D, Deep Colour, CEC compatible), RS-232C x 1, LAN x 1, Trigger x 1, 3D x 1
  • Includes up to 5M HDMI cable surface fixed in rounded mini trunking if required.
  • UK home cinemas will deliver and install a wall or ceiling mount.
  • UK home cinemas will deliver and install the projector.
  • UK Home cinemas will recommend (in advance), screen sizes and models.
  • Other requirements can be accomodated, please let us know how we can help.
  • The JVC Optional accessories and 3D kit are also available from UK Home Cinemas please ask.


DLA-X700RBE – D-ILA Projector with 3D Viewing
Device 0.7-inch Full HD D-ILA (1920 x 1080) x3
e-shift Technology Yes (e-shift 3 Technology)
Resolution 3840 x 2160 (2D)[1]
Zoom 2X zoom & focus, motorised
f 21.4 — 42.8mm
F 3.2 — 4
Lens shift function +/-80% vertical & +/-34% horizontal, motorised
Light source lamp NSH 230W
Brightness 1,300lm[2]
Lamp life Approx. 4000 hours in Low mode
Contrast Ratio Native: 120,000:1, Dynamic: 1,200,000:1
Video input signals 480p/576p,720p 60/50,1080i 60/50,1080p 60/50/24, 3840 x 2160p 60/50/30/25/24, 4096 x 2160p 24[3]
PC input signal
Video input terminals (back panel)
HDMI 2 (3D/Deep Colour/CEC compatible)
Control terminals
RS232C 1 (D-sub 9-pin)
Trigger 1 (mini jack, DC12V/100mA)
LAN (RJ45) 1
Output terminals (back panel)
3D sync 1 (Mini DIN 3-pin)
Noise level 21dB (when the lamp is in Low mode)
Power requirement AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 360W (Normal standby: 7W, Eco-mode standby: 0.4W)
Dimensions: W x H x D, mm 455 x 179 x 472
Weight, kg 15.0
3D format Frame packing: 720p 60/50, 1080p 24; Side-by-side (half): 720p 60/50, 1080p 60/50/24, 1080i 60/50; Top & bottom: 720p 60/50, 1080p/24
[2] Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation comply with ISO 21118.


Assumptions for JVC DLA-X700 Projector with installation – bundle

  • Any structural work to the building is complete before any installations take place
  • Our engineering team have access to the site during normal working hours.
  • Mains power is provided in all locations required for the equipment
  • UK Home Cinemas can provide building services but these are not included in our projector installation bundles.
  • supply and fixing of a singe HDMI Cable of up to 5M in rounded mini trunking (if required) is inculded.
  • Longer or burried signal cables can be installed by prior arrangement at a separate cost depending upon the complexity.

The JVC-DLA-X700 projector with wall or ceiling bracket, HDMI cable, delivery & installation is £5499 including VAT.

Competitive packages are available for projection screens , AV receivers , speakers etc when ordered with a projector and installation. Please call to discuss your exact requirements.