VPL-HW65ES Projector With Installation

Full HD/3D SXRD projection with Sony's reality creation Image enhancement.

Detailed Features

VPL-HW65ES White 

The Sony VPL-HW65ES Projector with installation by UK Home Cinemas.

Sony’s VPL-HW65ES is based upon Sony’s SXRD technology. it uses three full HD SXRD panels (one for each of the primary colours). This is the same technology which Sony initially introduced for their highly regarded range of commercial cinema projectors.The VPL-HW65ES delivers a Dynamic contrast ratio of 120,000:1 and image brightness of 1800 lumens.

Sony includes a 3 Year prime support contract with this projector (subject to registering the projector with Sony).

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UK Home cinemas bundles the Sony VPL-HW65ES Projector with installation which includes technical planning, supply and delivery of a good quality ceiling or a wall mount, and up to 5 Metre HDMI cable, surface run from the from the location of any existing source devices. (Rounded profile mini trunking can be included and installed if desired). Other requirements can be accommodated, please let us know how we can help.

Detailed Features

Main features for the Sony VPL-HW65ES projector with installation – bundle.

      • Reality Creation – Super Resolution function

        Developed for Sony’s leading 4K home cinema projector (VPL-VW1000ES), Reality Creation reproduces colours and textures that are lost when movies are packaged to disc. It gives you crisper, sharper Full HD pictures, much closer to the 1080p original.

      • 1,800 lumens brightness with faithful colour reproduction

        Thanks to an improved optical engine, the VPL-HW65ES is much brighter than Sony’s previous standard home cinema projectors. At 1,800 lumens, it produces clearer images and faithful colours, even in well-lit rooms.

      • Bright Cinema and Bright TV modes

        Conventional home cinema projectors sacrifice some colour accuracy by increasing greens to improve brightness. With Bright Cinema and Bright TV modes, the VPL-HW65ES retains true colour and contrast, even in a bright environment.

      • Dynamic contrast now 120,000:1

        Optical engine improvements and advanced Iris 3 technology mean we’ve achieved an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 120,000:1. It maximises blacks and whites without diminishing brightness so you won’t miss a detail, even in dark scenes.

      • Long lasting lamp

        You can expect a longer lamp life from the VPL-HW65ES: up to 5,000 hours (roughly 60% longer than previous home cinema projectors). This lowers your running costs and total cost of ownership.

      • Contrast Enhancer and advanced Iris3

        Automatically adjusts contrast for optimum viewing by analyzing dark and light areas in every scene, without diminishing colour.

      • Motionflow

        See every detail, even in fast-moving action scenes or sports. Motionflow technology shows twice as many pictures per second by creating extra images between the original frames. The result is smoother, sharper motion with less blur.

      • SXRD panel technology

        Our SXRD panels reduce pixel gaps and reproduce up to 240 frames per seconds for super-sharp images. Because our 3D glasses have a synchronised shutter speed, you’ll enjoy incredible high-definition 3D with minimal crosstalk.

      • Dynamic Lamp Control

        When each of the shutters of your 3D glasses opens, Dynamic Lamp Control boosts the brightness by three times: this maximises picture impact as well as lamp efficiency.

      • Built-in RF 3D transmitter

        No set-up time or cables, just synchronise the VPL-HW65ES with your RF 3D glasses via the built-in transmitter.

      • 2D and 3D modes

        The VPL-HW65ES automatically recognises 2D or 3D content and allows you to pre-select Standard, Dynamic, Cinema, Game and Photo modes.

      • Extremely low fan noise

        Our advanced cooling system means fan noise is reduced to a whisper-quiet 21db.

      • Gamma adjustment

        Fine tune image brightness according to the light in the room or the on-screen picture. There are 11 modes to select from.

      • Wider lens shift range

        A wider vertical range than our standard home cinema projectors allows more options for placement and installation, without reducing image quality.

      • Perfect panel alignment

        Electronic panel alignment ensures precise colour and clarity. Any colour gaps are corrected by shifting the blue and red areas of each pixel into perfect alignment with green.

      • Real Colour Processing (RCP Version 2)

        Adjust the colour and hue using a target on the projected picture. RCP Version 2 also allows you to adjust brightness at the same time.

Main features of included projector installation by UK Home Cinemas

  • Installation for this projector includes up to 5M HDMI cable, surface fixed in rounded mini trunking (if required).
  • UK home cinemas will supply and install a premium quality wall or ceiling mount (type to be agreed with client in advance).
  • UK home cinemas will deliver and install the projector.
  • UK Home cinemas will recommend (in advance), screen sizes and models.
  • Other requirements can be accomodated, please let us know how we can help.
  • The Sony optional accessories for this projector are available from UK Home Cinemas.



Display system High Frame Rate SXRD panel
Light Output 1800 lm
Contrast ratio 120,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast)
Display elements
Effective display size
0.61” x 3
Display elements
Effective pixels
Full HD(1920×1080)x3 6,220,800 pixels
Projection lens
Zoom / Focus
Manual (Approx. 1.6 x) / Manual
Projection lens
Lens shift
Manual, V:+/-71% / H:+/-25%
Light source Ultra High-pressure lamp 200W type
Screen size 40” to 300’‘
Reality Creation YES ( FullHD Reality Creation )
Compatible with 4K mastered Blu-ray No
4K 60P (YUV420/8bit:YCbCr4:2:0/8 bit) No
3D capability YES
3D emitter Built-in RF emitter
3D glasses TDG-BT500A (RF type : Optional)
Auto Caliblation No
Manual Caliblation HSV Colour Correction
Picture Position Memory No
Wireless HDMI compatibility IFU-WH1 ( Optional )
Advanced Iris Ver 3
Picture modes 9 modes
Gamma modes 11 modes
Panel Alignment Yes (Shift / Zone)
HDMI (2 inputs)
Digital RGB/Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr
Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr
Component: phono type
Mini D-sub 15-pin (RGB)
RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin (female)
Mini Jack
3D Sync
Built-in IR Transmitter or via RJ-45 ( External IR transmitter TMR-PJ2 or RF transmitter )
Acoustic noise* 21dB
Power requirement AC 100 V to 240 V, 3.0 A to 1.3 A,50/60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 300 W
Body Color Black / White
Standard outside dimensions W 407.4 x H 179.2 x D 463.9 mm
Weight Approx. 9.6 kg
Supplied Accessories Size AA (R6) manganese batteries (2)
IR Remote control
AC Power Cord for projector (1)
Operating Instructions (1)


Assumptions for Sony VPL-HW65ES Projector with installation

  • Any structural work to the building is complete before any installations take place
  • Our engineering team have access to the site during normal working hours.
  • Mains power is provided in all locations required for the equipment
  • UK Home Cinemas can provide building services but these are not included in our projector installation bundles.
  • supply and fixing of a singe HDMI Cable of up to 5M in rounded mini trunking (if required) is included.
  • Longer or buried signal cables can be installed by prior arrangement at a separate cost depending upon the complexity.
  • UK Home cinemas has an ultra low profile (flush) ceiling mount available for this projector (included if desired)

The Sony VPL-HW65ES projector with bracket, HDMI cable, detailed planning and specialist installation is £1999 including VAT.

Competitive packages are available for projection screens , AV receivers , speakers etc when ordered with a projector and installation. Please call to discuss your exact requirements.