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Calibration of home Entertainment systems

Since you are looking at our web site the chances are that you care about the quality of the sound you listen to and the pictures you watch. It may not surprise you to know that many of the display and home entertainment systems and products on the market don’t actually perform as well as they could, because they are not very well calibrated in the factory. In many cases TVs are deliberately set up to look extra colourful, so that they stand out when displayed in retail outlets…

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Control Existing Equipment

RTI Control for Existing Equipment and home entertainment systems

Wouldn’t you love it if you could put away all of the remote controls which you have in your lounge and replace them with just one to control all of your equipment and home entertainment systems? Well of course you can.

We are Integration partners for RTI, an American manufacturer of premium products for control of Home entertainment systems and home automation…

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HD Video Distribution

HD and HDMI Video Distribution for home entertainment systems and audiovisual equipment

If your grand design includes sending moving pictures to your home entertainment systems and equipment in various rooms in your home , we can install everything you will need to achieve this. We will also provide ways to control it with simplicity and elegance…

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Music Around Your Home

Home entertainment systems – multi room Hi-Fi music installation

There are more ways than ever to listen to music, ranging from MP3 players to internet radio through to streaming services like Spotify. Whilst the convenience and the number of ways to receive , store and play music have increased , the actual sound quality of the music which most people listen to on their home entertainment systems has worsened steadily. Heavily compressed music is often played through poor quality speakers or even played directly from the built in speakers of mobile devices…

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Lighting Control

Lighting control – Included in our home entertainment systems

We build lighting control into the control system programming for our home entertainments systems and packages, so your lighting is controlled seamlessly from the same interface as the rest of your equipment. There is no closing one app and opening another one, absolutely everything is controlled intuitively from the control pages which we create within the RTI panel app on your ipad/tablet PC, or from an RTI touch screen remote control device. We provide and install lighting dimmer control plates, in place of your existing light switches…

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