Lighting Control For Your Home

or Lighting control for your home cinema

Most of our systems include an element of lighting control.

We build lighting control into the control system programming for our system packages, so your lighting is controlled seamlessly from the same interface as the rest of your equipment. There is no closing one app and opening another one, absolutely everything is controlled intuitively from the control pages which we create within the RTI panel app on your ipad/tablet PC, or from an RTI touch screen remote control device. We provide and install lighting dimmer control plates, in place of your existing light switches. Our packages include everything you will need to control your existing lighting. We use the same products and design ethos in our bespoke systems as we do in our packages. In almost all cases it is straightforward to expand the lighting control system to control as much of your home lighting as you would like. We can even add control for floor or table lamps. It is possible to schedule lighting to switch on and off while you are away on holiday or to come on when you enter a room. It is possible to control lighting (and other devices) in your home while you are away. It is possible to create mood lighting scenes which you can store and recall from your tablet PC/ ipad or from your RTI touch screen remote control (this feature is standard in all of our system packages which include lighting control).

We would love to talk you through the possibilities if this sounds illuminating why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

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