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Control4 Installers UK Home Cinemas offer Control4 Halo Remotes

What is Control4? 

Control4 is a home automation system,  which provides families with a user friendly way to control almost every aspect of their home environment, such as lighting, climate control, audio/video systems, security systems, and more, from a single intuitive platform.

A Control 4 system in your home will usually include a combination of hardware devices. Typically, there would be one or more human interfaces, such as touch screens, or voice activated devices (like Amazon Alexa) or handheld smart remotes controls like the control4 neeo remote.  A specialist control4 installer configures these to work with one or more Control4 controllers, which are the brains of the system. The controllers are able to communicate with the regular electronic devices throughout your home via a range of different protocols Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Infrared and Bluetooth. This allows your Control4 specialist installer to natively provide you with user friendly ways to control almost any modern product in your home.  In fact the control 4 platform provides the ability to control over 35,000 different consumer products. The Control4 platform also includes intuitive software interfaces, which are accessible through a dedicated Control4 touchscreen or remote, through your smart phone or Apple Watch, or through tablets and TVs – a well set up control4 platform is a pleasure to use because much like the conductor of an orchestra, it coordinates the various products throughout your home to make them work together harmoniously.

Control4 Installers configure the Control4 ios AppControl4 installers setting up your TV for smart home automationcontrol4 installers configure control via control4 ios App

These systems aim to enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and security within the home by allowing users to automate and control various functions remotely or through pre-scheduled events set up by the user or by your specialist control4 installers. 

Imagine effortlessly dimming the lights, closing the curtains, and starting your favourite movie all with a single touch of a button. With Control4, and the work of the specialist control4 installers, this becomes your reality.

Our expert team can meticulously tailor your Control4 system to your unique preferences and lifestyle, transforming your home into a cutting-edge sanctuary of comfort and entertainment.

With Control4, carefully configured by your specialist control 4 installers the possibilities are endless. From creating personalized lighting scenes to adjusting the temperature from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, the power to control your home is literally at your fingertips.

Want to impress your guests with a stunning home Cinema experience? Control4 makes it easy to manage every aspect of your cinema room, from audio and video settings to lighting and air conditioning.

Control4 isn’t just about luxury; it’s also about peace of mind. With its robust security features, you can monitor your home remotely, receive instant alerts, and your specialist control4 installer can even integrate surveillance cameras for added protection.

Whether you’re at home or halfway around the globe, Control4 gives you total control and complete peace of mind.


Why use Control4 and a specialist control4 installer 

There are many reasons why using Control4 can enhance your home life and entertainment experience:

  1. Seamless Integration: Control4 seamlessly integrates with various devices in your home, providing a unified platform for controlling everything from your home cinema and entertainment systems, lighting, thermostats and security cameras .

  2. Ease of Use: Control4 offers an intuitive interfaces accessible through either their dedicated remotes or touchscreens – or through any smartphones or tablets, making it easy for anyone in the household to manage and control home automation functions.

  3. Compatibility: With native support for over 35,000 devices and compatibility with popular protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi / Ethernet, Infrared, and Bluetooth. Control4 ensures compatibility with a wide range of smart home devices available on the market.

  4. Customization: Control4 systems can be customized by your specialist control4 installers, to suit your specific needs and preferences, they also allow you to create personalized automation scenarios, schedules, and settings tailored to your lifestyle.

  5. Enhanced Convenience: By automating routine tasks and integrating with various systems within your home, Control4 enhances convenience and simplifies daily life. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat, dimming the lights, or streaming music to multiple rooms in the home, Control4 makes it easy to control your home environment with just a few taps or voice commands.

  6. Security: Control4 offers robust security features, including encrypted communication protocols and remote monitoring capabilities, helping to keep your smart home network secure from potential threats.

  7. Scalability: Whether you’re starting small with basic automation functions or looking to create a fully integrated smart home environment, Control4 systems are scalable and can grow with your needs over time. As specialist control4 installers, UK Home cinemas and home automation, can help you to add new devices to your system at any point. 


Overall, Control4 offers a comprehensive solution for home automation, combining ease of use, compatibility, customization, convenience, security, and scalability to enhance your living experience.

Control4 – An ideal replacement for Netstreams

We are experienced control 4 installers. We also have experience supporting Netstreams products, so we are ideally placed to set up a new control4 system to replace any ageing Netstreams system. If you have a Netsteams system and you would like to replace it please give us a call. We can make use of the existing cables, to install your new control4 solution.  

As Control4 specialist installers we can advise you on the choice of controllers 

The CORE Controllers are the foundation of your Control4 system, they are the brains of your automation, communicating with all the devices in your home and processing the commands and pre scheduled scenes and actions, we can help choose or recommend the right controller for your needs.

Core Lite

  • The Core Lite – is the perfect single room controller, it is the most accessible entry point to the Control4 Experience, making automation available to anyone, while it provides automation capabilities at an affordable entry-level price, it does miss out on some features and functionalities present in its higher-tier counterparts.

Core 1

  • The Core 1 – is built to fit anywhere it’s needed, Core 1 enables entertainment and automation experiences in every room, and is the ideal processor for a dedicated Cinema Room, or smaller projects. 

Core 3

  • The Core 3 – is the perfect fusion of multi-room, high resolution audio and smart instalment automation for mid-size projects. It’s the perfect balance of performance and price, and is the ideal choose for small to medium size homes. 

Core 5

  • The Core 5 – is a powerhouse for any deployment, it can automate sophisticated home theatres and process intensive deployments; coordinate multiple zones A/V, multiple lighting and colour scenes, climate controls, and sessions of Intercom Anywhere, making it the ideal choose for larger homes.


  • The CA-10 – is a dedicated automation server purpose-built for those bigger and more complex projects, delivering 4x the processing power and memory of the Core 5 it provides great performance even when controlling thousands of devices, which makes it the perfect choose for your specialist control4 installers to use in larger homes, and more complex automation designs. When paired with a Core 1, 3 or 5 – It serves as workhouse doing the heavy lifting, and insuring your automation runs smoothly. 


Control4 installers will configure your Control4 Core Controller

Halo remotes configured by your specialist control4 installer



Remote Controllers

  • Control4 SR-260 (Black)
  • Control4 Halo (Black or Silver)
  • Control4 Neeo (Black or Silver)
  • Control4 Halo Touch (Black or Silver)



  • Control4® T4 Series 8″ Tabletop Touchscreen (Black or White)
  • Control4® T4 Series 10″ Tabletop Touchscreen (Black or White)
  • Control4® T4 Series 8” In-Wall Touchscreen (Black or White)
  • Control4® T4 Series 10” In-Wall Touchscreen (Black or White)

Available in both Mains Power and POE Versions



The Control4 Touchscreens provide a seamless and intuitive way to manage every aspect of your home environment. With instant access to lighting, security, entertainment, climate control, and more, these touchscreen’s offer unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Unlike traditional interfaces which require navigating through multiple apps, Control4’s Touchscreen’s offer immediate control right at your fingertips. Your control4 installers can set these up to access and manage your home from a single interface, including lighting, security, multi-room music, AV Systems, temperature, shades, and more; without the need to launch separate apps, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

The bright, high-resolution screens provide clear visuals for effortless navigation and monitoring of your home systems. Equipped with fast processors, Control4 Touchscreens enable your specialist control4 installers to deliver swift performance for you, ensuring responsive control and seamless operation.

The touch screens also come with high-grade speakers and advanced microphone arrays, as well as a crisp 720p camera making them ideal for tasks such as intercom communication between rooms or with mobile devices – no more shouting across the house when it dinner time. 

With versatile mounting options including both tabletop or in-wall mounting, you can choose the option that best suits your preferences and complements your home decor.

Available in 8” or 10” sizes and in glossy black or white finishes.

Control4 installers configure a Tabletop Tablet in Black

Control4 installer sets up a wall mounted Control 4 tablet in White

A Control4 installer configured a Tabletop Tablet in Black

Control4 installer configured white tabletop touch screen, on a side table in a Living room - with Control4 GUI on the TV.


Your specialist control4 installers can tailor your control4 installation to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re adjusting the lighting, checking security cameras, or streaming music throughout your home, Control4 Touchscreens offer a convenient, stylish and efficient way to manage your smart home environment.



a small selection of the Control4 product range


As Authorised Control4 installers, we can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your home automation needs. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate Control4 systems into your environment, offering you unparalleled convenience, comfort, and control over your smart home devices. From lighting and climate control to entertainment and security systems, we specialize in creating personalized automation setups that enhance your lifestyle and elevate your home experience.

Trust your specialist Control4 installers – UK Home Cinemas and home automation, to deliver cutting-edge technology with meticulous installation and ongoing support, ensuring your Control4 system operates flawlessly for years to come.





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4.9 out of 5 stars

Lubna Majeed
Lubna Majeed

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Richard and his excellent team created an absolutely amazing cinema room for us, beyond our expectations and within our budget. They were polite, tidy and worked diligently. Can't recommend them highly enough. If you're considering making a cinema room, this company is the best, so professional and a pleasure to deal with. We've had our cinema room for a couple of years now, and we absolutely love it, as do friends and family.

DVD fan
DVD fan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Richard from UK home cinemas is great at what he does and pleasure to work with. Richard spent countless hours discussing our design to ensure we could use our new room for all activities we wanted. He was very patient showing and discussing with us potential options and alternatives for what was novel idea and fairly complex design. We had to take into account number of limitation and particularities with heating, air conditioning, lighting and existing speaker and network installation. Richard designed, built and installed perfect acoustic housings for our in-wall speakers as well as number of other features. He and his team worked tirelessly to ensure we get results we wanted. Richard and his team worked collaboratively with subcontractors and our builder.
We would highly recommend UK home cinemas for any media room installation project.

Osama Samaan
Osama Samaan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Richard’s expertise and consultative approach, makes him a real pleasure to work with. The project turned our double garage into a home cinema room run via Control 4. The garage itself posed a number of constraints (location of the consumer unit, water cylinder, heating controls, etc), which Richard worked through to provide us with a number of options. Their approach encompassed collaboratively working with the building contractor, carpet provider, and cinema seating provider. UK Home Cinemas fitted us the perfect home cinema, and the end result exceeded our expectations. We cannot recommend them Richard and the team highly enough.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Fantastic service. Richard was very helpful and offered lots of great advice. Even helped give me some ideas when building my own home cinema room. Fantastic service once again and would definitely recommend.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I had a cinema installed by UK Home Cinemas last year. The final result was fantastic and from start to finish they were excellent with the level of professionalism and workmanship. If you are planning something similar I’d 100% recommend this company!

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