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AV service engineer for home cinema – support visits.

We can arrange for a specialist Audiovisual service engineer to solve technical problems on existing audio video or control installations.  We can arrange a visit your home to provide technical assistance to solve issues with your existing AV system. We usually charge £120 +VAT per half day (up to 3.5 hours on your premises). If you live within Berkshire and Surrey there is no separate call out charge. If you are outside that area please call and we will let you know whether we would need to make any additional charge to cover travel, depending upon your location.

Audio Visual service engineer for existing multi room Hi-fi audio and music systems

Our Audiovisual service engineer will aim to get your system working to your satisfaction and will be at your disposal to work on any number of issues, so if you are paying for a half day and the main issue has been resolved quickly, you can make full use of the remaining time to get any other issues resolved. If the problem isn’t due to faulty equipment the audiovisual service engineer will often be able to solve the problem there and then. If a piece of equipment is identified as being faulty, it will usually need to be sent for repair.  The Audiovisual service engineer can usually arrange for the equipment to be repaired (sometimes we are able to repair it in our workshop) or otherwise we will be able to offer a suitable replacement product.  The repair or replacement of the equipment would be at additional cost but we would request your agreement to any costs before proceeding.

AV service engineer for service of your existing projector.

for all of the services which we provide, If we need to fit new cables, installation materials or projector lamps, we  would need to charge for these items, but as with equipment repair, we would agree any costs with you before proceeding and we don’t seek to charge ridiculous amounts for parts or cables etc.  The charge for a visit to install replacement or repaired equipment would be the same i.e. £100 +VAT would cover up to 3.5 hours on your premises.  The person attending will be a qualified electronics engineer with many years of experience working on complex audio and video systems and projectors.

Re programming an existing control system.

If you require a visit to discuss potential improvements to an existing system i.e. if you are inviting us to quote for a project then we wouldn’t expect to charge anything for the initial consultation. If a technical support visit turns into an order to install a replacement system, it is likely that we will offer to deduct the cost of the support visit from the price of the new system.

Our ethos is that the client must always be delighted with everything that we do, so if you call us in to solve problems with your existing audiovisual system we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

We aim to solve technical problems quickly and efficiently, so why not give us a call to arrange a support visit.