Bracket for LS9600 – Low profile.

Why use an ugly bracket when you could have one of these?

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Low profile bracket for LS9600 – Designed by UK Home Cinemas

  • Designed by UK Home Cinemas.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Horizontal pivot point and tilt adjustment screws, enable fine adjustment in all directions (to level the projector).
  • Locking screws fix the position once the adjustments have been completed.
  • Can be installed with the adjustment and locking screws either at the back, or at the front.
  • Available in several different versions and sizes specifically designed for different projector models.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Not available via any other web site, but trade inquiries are welcome.
  • We can ship to most countries.


Bracket for LS9600

Bracket for LS9600 Low profile ceiling mount


Low profile bracket for LS9600 –  For use with the projector’s lens shift feature.

The optical lens shift feature On the Epson LS9600 Laser projector enables the projector to be positioned higher (or lower) than the top of the screen. This is an optical adjustment  which is achieved by the lens physically changing position within the projector. This adjustment does not cause any distortion to the shape of the projected image.  The optical lens shift feature makes it possible to use an ultra low profile bracket for LS9600. Our ultra low profile mounting brackets incorporate very small adjustments to enable the installer to get the projector perfectly horizontal (even if the ceiling is not perfectly horizontal).  With this solution, there will be no need to use the dreaded keystone correction feature on the projector to get perfect on screen image geometry. The LS9600’s lens shift control allows the image to be moved up or down, left and right so that it can be aligned perfectly with the position of the screen whilst the projector remains horizontal.

We think that there is no reason why  clients should have to have an ugly bracket for LS9600 dangling down from the ceiling. Instead the projector can be positioned directly on the ceiling on our ultra low profile projector bracket for LS9600.

Bracket for LS9600 – available for fast delivery to the USA and other countries.

At UK Home Cinemas we find that for almost all of the home cinema installation projects we do, an ultra low profile projector bracket is the best possible way to mount the projector. We have developed a special version of our ultra low profile projector mount, to take the larger home cinema projectors including the LS9600 Laser projector. This mount is still very slim and we think it’s the perfect mounting bracket for LS9600 projectors. Our bracket for LS9600 places the projector approximately 25mm below the ceiling and allows the installer to make adjustments to correct for ceilings which are not perfectly horizontal.
In addition to this bracket for LS9600, we also stock ultra low profile projector brackets to fit each of the other projector brands and models which we sell.
The LS9600 home cinema projector isn’t available in the UK but we ship our ultra low profile mounts to other countries including the USA.

The flush ceiling bracket for LS9600 can be purchased for £123 plus delivery & VAT.

Competitive packages are available in the UK for projection screens , AV receivers , speakers etc when ordered with a projector. Please call to discuss a package price to suite your exact requirements.