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Home cinema cost can be managed by making the right design decisions

This project was filmed as a timelapse video, which can be viewed at the bottom of this web page.

The main emphasis of this project was to make the room look amazing, Whilst also Keeping home cinema cost for the audio-visual equipment fairly modest.

The use of track and fabric to create acoustically transparent wall panels, provided a way for us to improve the acoustics of this home cinema room. It also reduced the home cinema cost and this worked, because it avoided the need to spend part of the budget on chasing audio-Visual cables into the walls. This was a great way to avoid part of the home cinema cost. This was mainly because the fabric lining of the walls enabled us to run cables to the speakers and to the projector without the cables being visible.

Often on home cinema installation projects, home cinema cost, for chasing cables into the walls of a room can be significant.  However with this design rationale, the cost of the home cinema is effectively reduced, whilst enhancing the appearance and features of the room. The track and fabric also gives the room quite a wow factor.

At UK Home Cinemas, we always use audio-visual products which we know will perform very well, and the equipment which we chose for this project certainly adhered to that principal. However the equipment was at the affordable end of our range, so this project is an example of an affordable home cinema room transformation where the look of the room was given top priority. However because we know where to compromise and where not to, the sound and image quality in this home cinema room are still great.

How much does a home cinema cost ? We transformed this room whilst Keeping the cost reasonable.

Using battens with acoustic fabric panels can actually keep home cinema cost affordable.

Home cinema cost can be managed by finding a clever way to hide the cables, so that you don't have to chase them into the walls.

 Having the speakers and acoustic panels behind the screen didn't add too much to the home cinema cost.

This affordable home cinema, still has all of the speakers hidden behind the screen and behind acoustically transparent fabric panels

Cost effective acoustic materials can be hidden easily, behind the fabric panels.

Using an acoustically transparent screen actually made this home cinema cost slightly less!

One of the key features of the approach which has been used on this project, is the use of an acoustically transparent screen.

Usually having the speakers hidden behind the screen is something which is done in the best home cinema rooms, but not so much where home cinema cost need to be kept low. This is because acoustically transparent screens are generally more expensive than standard screens, and also because usually to have the speakers behind the screen involves costs to create a suitable space behind the screen to house speakers, which are often quite large.

In this project we used speakers which are extremely slim, so the space which we had to create behind the screen did not make this home cinema cost much more, and once you combine this with the simplicity of not having to create housings or any complex carpentry around the screen area, overall it made this home cinema cost less than would otherwise have been the case.

In conjunction with lining the front and side walls of the room with acoustically transparent fabric panels, this again had the extra advantage that It enabled us to hide the audiovisual cables and the speakers and the acoustic treatments, without the need to cut cable routes and other apertures into the existing walls of the room. That in itself helped to keep home cinema cost reasonable for our client and it helped us to avoid the dust associated with cutting into walls.

The side walls have LED strips set between some of the wall panels. These LED strips and all other types of lighting in the room are controlled by the control4 remote and processor to make everything very user friendly.


OK A Fibre optic star ceiling makes the home cinema cost more – but its worth every penny.

Another key feature of this project was that it included nine square metres of fibre optic star ceiling with LED Strips around the edges, to create the much sought after halo lighting effect.

We can’t even try to suggest that this helped with the home cinema cost, but not having one would just be a disappointment wouldn’t it?.

Finishing off the fabric walling in this very affordable home cinema room

The work to create a ceiling coffer like this, can add significantly to home cinema cost.

To reduce home cinema cost, its possible to use this alternative way to install a star ceiling, without a ceiling coffer or bulkhead.



Two ways to install a star ceiling, but no difference to the home cinema cost

In our clients’ room there was already a ceiling recess (or ceiling Coffer), into which we fitted the star ceiling. However if the ceiling didn’t have a coffer, but a fibre optic star ceiling was on the wish list, it would have been equally feasible to fit the same type of star ceiling, but as a raft suspended just below an existing ceiling. So a star ceiling can be quite effective even without a ceiling coffer. Either way it would be possible to create a halo lighting effect around the edges of the star ceiling, using the LED strips.

So the upshot is that the home cinema cost for installation would be more or less the same, regardless of whether we installed the star ceiling into an existing coffer, or as a raft below a flat ceiling. In this project, there were already a number of dimmable downlights installed into the outer areas of the ceiling. We added dimming and scene based control for these existing downlights  and the example home cinema cost set out on this web page is based upon doing the same thing. We could add or move lights, but there would of course be an additional costs for that.

The Home cinema cost, set out below, doesn’t include creating a raised floor platform

In the case of this particular project, our client intended to have two rows of seating and had previously arranged for a platform to be constructed for this purpose. However, if you are considering a similar project , which would require a section of raised floor, we are able to design and build a raised platforms and we can supply the seats , but for the purposes of this case study example, we have not included home cinema cost for a platform to be created or carpeted and we have not included cost for home cinema seating as we find that many clients already have suitable seats. If a platform is required for a project, we can advise the client separately of the cost for that.

This project uses very slim speakers hidden behind the acoustically transparent projection screen and behind the fabric wall panels.

It In spite of the fairly modest home cinema cost , it includes a control 4 processor and remote , which will be programmed to provide user friendly control of the system as a whole and scene based control of all aspects of the room lighting.

Equipment cabinet is modestly priced to keep home cinema cost quite reasonable

A cinema room transformation like this is likely to start from around £25K (inc VAT).

Design Work – £180

First Fix – £865

5.1 Speaker Package & Denon Receiver – from £3,740

Epson 3LCD Projector with 4K Pixel Shift & 106″ 16:9 Screen – from £5230

Network Equipment- £240

Media Rack / Cabinet – £1285

Control 4 Automation System – from £2,560

Fibre Optic Star Ceiling – from £5,405

Fabric Paneling and Wall LEDs – from £5750

(The Example prices listed above include manpower/installation and VAT ,but do not include seating, or changes to the shape of a floor or ceiling)

Our time-lapse film of this project can be watched here



Customer Testimonial – Home Cinema Cost with Fabric Walls Hidden Speakers and Star Ceiling

After the project was completed we received this very kind message from our delighted client
Richard and his excellent team created an absolutely amazing cinema room for us, beyond our expectations and within our budget. They were polite, tidy and worked diligently. Can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re considering making a cinema room, this company is the best, so professional and a pleasure to deal with. We’ve had our cinema room for a couple of years now, and we absolutely love it, as do friends and family..

Please see the live review below.

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4.9 out of 5 stars

Lubna Majeed
Lubna Majeed

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Richard and his excellent team created an absolutely amazing cinema room for us, beyond our expectations and within our budget. They were polite, tidy and worked diligently. Can't recommend them highly enough. If you're considering making a cinema room, this company is the best, so professional and a pleasure to deal with. We've had our cinema room for a couple of years now, and we absolutely love it, as do friends and family.

DVD fan
DVD fan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Richard from UK home cinemas is great at what he does and pleasure to work with. Richard spent countless hours discussing our design to ensure we could use our new room for all activities we wanted. He was very patient showing and discussing with us potential options and alternatives for what was novel idea and fairly complex design. We had to take into account number of limitation and particularities with heating, air conditioning, lighting and existing speaker and network installation. Richard designed, built and installed perfect acoustic housings for our in-wall speakers as well as number of other features. He and his team worked tirelessly to ensure we get results we wanted. Richard and his team worked collaboratively with subcontractors and our builder.
We would highly recommend UK home cinemas for any media room installation project.

Osama Samaan
Osama Samaan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Richard’s expertise and consultative approach, makes him a real pleasure to work with. The project turned our double garage into a home cinema room run via Control 4. The garage itself posed a number of constraints (location of the consumer unit, water cylinder, heating controls, etc), which Richard worked through to provide us with a number of options. Their approach encompassed collaboratively working with the building contractor, carpet provider, and cinema seating provider. UK Home Cinemas fitted us the perfect home cinema, and the end result exceeded our expectations. We cannot recommend them Richard and the team highly enough.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Fantastic service. Richard was very helpful and offered lots of great advice. Even helped give me some ideas when building my own home cinema room. Fantastic service once again and would definitely recommend.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I had a cinema installed by UK Home Cinemas last year. The final result was fantastic and from start to finish they were excellent with the level of professionalism and workmanship. If you are planning something similar I’d 100% recommend this company!

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