RTI Remote Control For Your Existing Equipment

RTI remote control From an I pad or an RTI device

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Wouldn’t you love it if you could put away all of the remote controls which you have in your lounge and replace them with just one to control all of your equipment? Well of course you can.

We are an authorised specialist UK dealer for RTI Remote controls. RTI is an American manufacturer of premium products for control of audiovisual systems and home automation.

We can supply an RTI remote control and program it to operate all of your existing equipment. We can make it control your room lighting and almost anything else you would like it to control. There are many types of RTI remote control available ranging from fairly simple devices through to high end devices which feature large colour touch panels. There are also RTI apps which run on your apple or android device. These devices communicate wirelessly to an RTI remote control processor and it is the control processor which actually controls your equipment, so you don’t need to point the RTI remote control at the equipment in order to control it, and it can work from anywhere in your home.

If this is appealing please give us a call so that we can run through the possibilities.

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