HDMI Video Distribution For Your Home

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If your grand design requires HDMI video distribution to send video to various rooms in your home , we can install an HDMI video distribution system to achieve this. We can also provide ways to control it with simplicity and elegance.

When the doorbell goes an image from your front door CCTV camera can appear on your kitchen TV or If there is movement where there shouldn’t be you can view the images from your security cameras from any of your TVs.

You can watch and control your UHD satellite boxes or other receivers from any TV.

The blu-ray movie your family are watching can also appear in HD on the TV in your bedroom or any other room via an HDMI Video distribution system with user friendly touch screen control from an RTI control system.

We can offer various types of solution including HDMI over cat 6 distribution systems from Wyrestorm, and we can combine them with an RTI control system which could control all of your existing audiovisual equipment, room lighting and anything else you would like it to control.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and we would love to discuss them with you.

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