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Intuitively controlled Hi-Fi multi room music with hidden speakers

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There are more ways than ever to listen to music, ranging from MP3 players to internet radio through to streaming services like Spotify. Whilst the convenience and the number of ways to receive , store and play music have increased , the actual sound quality of the music which most people listen to has worsened steadily. Heavily compressed music is often played through poor quality speakers or even played directly from the built in speakers of mobile devices.

With a multi room music system form UK home cinemas you can have the best of both worlds and more. Your colour touch screen remote or your Ipad/tablet can receive and display track listings and album cover art for your entire music library and for streaming services/ internet radio etc. From anywhere in your home you can browse and select what you want to play. The sound can be delivered from discreet in ceiling/ in wall speakers which will do justice to the music you love. For your parties the same music can be played simultaneously in a number of rooms, or different music can be played in different rooms (or on your patio). The music library will automatically update its self to include any new muscic which you purchase via i tunes or via other on line music services.

We can design and install a bespoke multi room music system to achieve all of this for you.

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