Home Cinema Installation In Sussex with M&K Speakers

Professional Home Cinema Installation In Sussex

This page covers a project, where we completed a home cinema installation in Sussex. We are a very small specialist company and we are absolutely focussed upon creating the best possible home cinema room for each budget. We aim to delight our clients by using our significant experience to enable us to maximise the style and performance which can be achieved in the home cinema rooms which we create.  We installed the cinema room pictured below for a client near Brighton in Sussex. For this home cinema installation in Sussex we lined the  walls of the room with acoustic fabric panels and we installed a star ceiling from Starscape star ceilings.

Home cinema installation in Sussex with M&K speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen

We Installed M&K speakers for this cinema room installation In Sussex

We supplied and installed a superb acoustically transparent screen and we used M&K in wall speakers behind the screen , with floorstanding M&K Subwoofers. for the side and rear surrounds we used slim M&K speakers on wall brackets and of course we used in ceiling M&K speakers for the in ceiling Atmos height channels.  We can provide home cinema installation in Sussex and other regions of Britain.

We are authorised installers of home cinema projectors from Epson, Sony and JVC. We are also re-sellers for many other major manufactures of High definition and 4K ultra HD display devices and we are authorised installers for a range of audio systems. We are dealers for many other major audio brands, this enables us to recommend the most suitable equipment for each of our clients.

Fabric panels installed during home cinema installation in Sussex

Home cinema Installation In Sussex – To fit various budgets.

Home cinema systems were for many years the exclusive preserve of the super rich, but that is not the case any more. Home cinema systems have become much more affordable and the quality of the images and sound which they produce has improved significantly to the point where now even if your budget is relatively modest you are unlikely to be disappointed the performance which can be achieved. We provide home cinema installation in Sussex as well as bespoke home audio system design and installation, to suit clients who demand the ultimate in sound and image quality, but we also deliver truly superb home cinema and music systems to suit more modest budgets. We have achieved this by creating packages for multi room music and home cinema installation in Sussex and other regions of the UK.

we have templated the system designs and the control system programming for our home cinema installation packages and it is this which enables us to provide truly outstanding home cinema installation in Sussex at a reasonable price. We spent significant time and effort to perfect the control system programming for our packages and as a result we think that our control systems feature more comprehensive facilities than you would usually find in most fully bespoke installations. We would like to show you rather than asking you to take our word for it , so why not come and experience the user friendly control and cinematic power of our lounge home cinema demonstration system.

Home cinema installers in Sussex - M&K Side surround speaker with fibre optic star ceiling.

We are open about our prices for package based home cinema installation in Sussex and in fact we publish them on this web site.

Packages for home cinema installation in Sussex and throughout the UK

Our packages for home cinema installation in Sussex, include control of the whole system from your smart phone, or from a control4 touch screen remote. They also feature integrated control of your room lighting and many of them can deliver multi room music for an additional room. The equipment is installed into an equipment cabinet which can be selected to match the finish and style of your existing furniture, and of course the best home cinema display devices have been chosen. In short our packages provide an ideal solution for home cinema installation in Sussex and for other areas of the UK.

Our system packages designed at UK Home Cinemas premises near Wokingham, but regardless of your location, you can still have the value for money offered by UK home cinemas system packages and  bespoke systems, because we can install and commission them wherever you live.

In addition to home cinema installation in Sussex , We also install multi-room music systems, RTI or control4 control systems, lighting control and HDMI distribution (to distribute HDMI television images from equipment in a centralised cupboard to all of the TVs in your home).

If you would like to spend some time trying out our demo system, our contact details are below and we would love to hear from you.

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