Flush Projector Bracket For Epson Projectors

Why have the projector hanging down?

Low profile bracket for Epson Projectors – Designed by UK Home Cinemas

  • Designed by UK Home Cinemas.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Horizontal pivot point and tilt adjustment screws, enable fine adjustment in all directions (to level the projector).
  • Locking screws fix the position once the adjustments have been completed.
  • Can be installed with the adjustment and locking screws either at the rear or at the front.
  • Available in several different versions and sizes specifically designed for different projector models.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Not available via any other web site, but trade enquiries are welcome.
  • We can ship to most countries.
  • Also fits USA models Powerlite 4030UB 5030UB 6030UB etc and we can ship to the USA.


low profile ceiling mount for Epson EH-TW7200 low profile flush projector bracket ceiling mount with Epson EH-TW9200

Low profile flush projector bracket – Used in conjunction with lens shift.

The Home cinema projectors which we recommend, invariably have a feature known as optical lens shift. This allows the image position to be moved up, down , left or right without introducing any distortion to the shape of the projected image. This makes it possible to position the projector significantly higher (or lower) than the top of the screen.  These projectors can therefore be installed significantly above the height of the top of the screen, without needing to use any of the dreaded keystone correction and you can still achieve perfect image geometry with the projector perfectly horizontal.

So why have the projector hanging down on an ugly industrial looking mount? We think it’s much better to position it directly on the ceiling on using an extra slim flush projector bracket.

Flat low profile flush projector bracket ceiling mount – We include it with Epson Projectors.

The majority of the home cinema installations which we have completed make use of these flush projector brackets.
We also have ultra low profile flush projector brackets in stock to fit other top brand home cinema projectors. These low profile flush projector bracket mounts are designed to provide a few degrees of adjustable horizontal tilt in all directions. This is beneficial if your ceiling isn’t perfectly level (as is often the case).
If you decide to purchase a home cinema projector from UK Home cinemas, we will include a long HDMI cable as well as a projector bracket to suit the particular requirements of your room. This offer includes the low profile flush projector bracket. We will also deliver the projector and install it for you.

Our super low profile flush projector brackets position the projector just 23mm from the ceiling.  The Specialist installation service is included in our published prices for home cinema projectors. This service is available over an extensive part of the country. It is a careful high quality service as can be seen from the reviews on google+ and on freeindex as well as the customer testimonials on this web site.

The Projectors/Brackets section of the drop down menu at the top of this page takes you to separate web pages, for the various versions of our projector mounts, for each Sony and Epson projector model. Each page has paypal buy it now buttons where you can place your order with shipping to the UK / EU / USA or Canada. for delivery to other countries please Email us via our contact page

Competitive packages are available for projection screens , AV receivers , speakers etc when ordered with a projector. Please call to discuss your exact requirements.